I love what shows up on slow news days.

Meanwhile, in California: a solar powered 30-ft weather balloon escaped from an AP environmental science high school class.

"It was like a snake going over the science building," said Steve Doucette, science teacher. "I couldn’t believe what was happening."

Neither could the Federal Aviation Administration, which alerted local airports to warn pilots of a large floating object, last seen at 2,000 feet. By sunset, there was still no confirmed sighting.


By sunset, there was still no confirmed sighting.


A brown tree snake gets its red wings.

I can’t even. Go read that blog post over at Neurotic Physiology, because it has such choice quotes as:

So apparently the idea for this experiment came from Brown tree snake attacks on babies in Guam. The authors inferred that the snakes were attempting to eat the babies (mmmm, delicious babies), and wanted to know why. They hypothesized that, since snakes are attracted to the smell of blood, the snakes were finding the babies because they were smelled the discarded feminine products of the mothers which were in the trash. Because apparently all of these babies had menstruating mothers who kept their used tampons in the trash in the baby’s room? I’m a little skeptical of the logic of this train of thought, but that’s how they told it.

I agree, the whole arrangement of this experiment is flawed at best. But no one cares about that. We care about snakes nomming tampons. I am here to give you what you want.

It’s been an honor appearing on your dash.